Adventuring Capitalists

A group of strangers have come together to help with a mundane task. Moving an oxen-driven cart of supplies from one town to another.

But it’s never that easy…

This band of adventures will be working together to earn some gold, kill some goblins, and hopefully return to tell the tale.

The Squad:

  • The Rogue – Charming, Deceptive, Selfish. Only cares about herself and her aunt who still believes she’s an angel.
  • The Local Fighter- Loyal, Earthly, Heroic. He has a proclivity to excessively overstate situations through superfluous word choices.
  • The Dwarf Cleric – Battle Hardened, Insightful, Lost. Has an odd godlike air to him without the pretensions that typically would accompany it.
  • The Wizard – Elf, Elf, Elf. Filthy Elf, likes to burn things with Ray of Frost.
  • The Noble Fighter – Persuasive, Cold, Pragmatic. Looking to bring stability and culture to the world (and gain some political clout along the way).

Adventuring Capitalists

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