Adventuring Capitalists

Maybe we should have talked things out...
Or maybe not.

Party Composition:

Folk Fighter – Zander – Male, Human – Jesse
Noble Fighter – Stella – Female, Human – Rachel
Wizard – Varis – Male, Elf – Chase
Cleric – Morgran – Male, Dwarf – Alex
Rogue – Daira – Female, Halfling – Raven

Started: 5pm 7/12/2015
Ended: 10pm 7/12/2015

Quick Glance:

Foes Dispatched: 11 Goblins, 3 Wolves, and 1 slightly tougher Goblin
Earnings: ~20gp
XP: N/A – Utilizing milestone system until level 3
In game time: About 8 hours

Notable Events:

Pool party – 4 party members knocked out of cave by flood
The goggles, they do nothing – Charred goblin smoke apparently makes it difficult to aim
Careful…. Careful…. – No one took any trap damage following the bodies
Sticky Thickets – Zander had difficulty extracting himself from the thicket
When negotiations fail… – The hostage, Sildar Hallwinter, was killed when negotiations failed
Shhhh……. – The party put some wolves to sleep and murdered them (aww)


The adventure began with the heroes agreeing to help escort an oxen-driven cart to a nearby town in exchange for 10gp each. Halfway there, the party slowed and approached a few horses that had been felled by goblin arrows. During the party’s investigation goblins began peppering them with arrows. A few short seconds later the goblins were slain and the party began tracking the drag marks of the previous ambush victims. The cart and oxen were pulled off the path and hidden by Moragan and Zander. The party also noticed an empty scroll case, likely holding a map based off of the symbols carved into it.

The trail following the body was straightforward but not without risk. The party spotted a snare in the middle of the path and avoided, but Daira set off a pit trap shortly afterward. Luckily the Halfling is quick on her feet and she managed to leap out of the way before falling in the pit.

After a few more minutes of careful travel, the party came upon a clearing with a stream gently pouring out of a cave. A pair of goblins were camped out front of the cave and ambushed the party as they approached. One fell quickly to a few attacks while the other was deftly slain via a thrown hand axe from Moragan.

Once inside the cave, the party proceeded slowly and tried to be discreet with their movements. Some growling drew the party’s attention and a quick detour to slaughter a few of the goblin’s wolves was made, aided by a sleep spell from the resident wizard Varis. A chute in the back of the room rose 30 feet up, Varis climbed the chute after a couple of tries but was quite noisy upon reaching the top. (1 on the stealth check)

Varis heard some growing and was able to see a lit brazier in the room as well as another entrance, but dropped back down before he was detected. He informed the party of what he saw and they proceeded onward into the cave. Unfortunately, the party was unable to slip by the goblin guard on the bridge ahead and he triggered a cascade of water to come rushing through the cave. The entire party with the exception of the fighter Zander was washed out of the cave and suffered minor damage as a result.

The party was rattled but steeled themselves and pushed forward. After regrouping in the wolf kennel, the party darted across the stream and proceeded to travel up a narrow passage full of rubble. The ground was unstable and cracked as the party was proceeding but no one was injured. Upon leaving the narrow passage, the party found themselves in a living area full of 6 goblins and the warrior Sildar Hallwinter. The party began to barter with the goblins, but once it seemed that they would not get what they wanted they began combat. The goblins fell in short order but not before killing the hostage and a few missed attacks as a result of noxious smoke from burning goblins and beds as well as Daira falling to goblin arrows. The team rushed to Daira’s side after the fight, stabilizing her. They then proceeded to block the entrances to the room with a hastily put together barricade and made camp for the night.

If only the stench of burning goblin would leave the room…


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